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Bessie David’s first novel, On a Pedestal, chronicles the life of her grandmother from the 1920's to the 1990’s.  Bessie’s love of writing began at an early age with a book of poetry appropriately written at her grandmother’s home. She recently asked family and friends to describe their grandmother in three words.  Most of them were very similar; sassy, fun, eccentric.  The one she loves the most came from a great-grandson;      Shiny Gold Pants.  Need we say more?  


Annie Mae (AKA Nanny), my grandmother, was a vivacious, straightforward, colorful and sometimes self-centered, yet soft-hearted woman.  Born in 1913, she experienced the depression, prohibition, alcoholism, abuse, neglect, pain, heartache, and love.  Although this book is about those things and more, it is really about how it felt to be Annie Mae Shropshire.


An outgrowth of the novel is the business I am building as a guest speaker and inspirational coach. Many of the topics revealed in On a Pedestal s align with human struggles and issues still happening today.  It is my privilege to honor the lessons learned from my grandmother and help others live the life they are meant to live and not the one their circumstances may try to dictate.

At present, I offer courses with such titles as The Good Old Days, Passion is Not Just for Sex and The Empowerment Train.  I also offer one on one coaching sessions for individuals and small groups.

As a presenter, I rely heavily on my 30-year career in the beauty industry, where I developed a keen sense of understanding with women and men from diverse backgrounds. I was blessed to become a confidant and friend to so many.  Thus developing my interpersonal and communication skills as I listened supported and counseled them. Five years of my cosmetology career involved motivating and mentoring students on their career goals, life skills and other topics related to personal and professional growth.  I design powerful and effective programs based on life struggles, spirituality and personal development to encourage and enlighten others in a positive way.


It is my hope that my grandmother's memoir will inspire and help women who may be dealing with abuse and other life issues. The life experiences contained in my book - along with those of my mother and my own - have combined to provide me with knowledge and strength to make the choices in my life that have brought me to this moment. It's now my time to help others, and I do so with gratitude, compassion, and love.


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