Edit 'til you drop.......

So its' been exactly 10 days since my last post and I'm still editing my book. I have the actual book copy that I'm working on. It's easier this way, but yet I hate the feeling I get every time I make a mark on my book. It will be one for the archives though. I am really struggling to get this out. I thought it was complete but when friends began reading the eBook, they discovered some punctuation and grammar errors. I know it will never be perfect. I just want it to be finished so I can share and promote the story. I am VERY pleased with the cover. That was a hard decision to come to. Thank you again Kirsten Watlington. So I really should get back to reading and editing my book.

"Just Released"

The Bad News: Today I finally received a response from my publisher in regards to a copy of my book. I was suppose to receive my copy two weeks ago so I could confirm for the last time that it was ready to print. At that time I paid for 600 copies to sell on my website and at book signings. I'm more than a little disappointed at this phase of the project. Apparently something happened at the printer AGAIN. My "just released" book available on Barnes and Noble and on my website, www.bessiedavid.com has an unknown ship date. My apologies if anyone has placed an order. The Good News: Technology trumps again. Kindle users and eBook lovers, can read my book now!


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