Circle Circle, Spin Spin

As a child, some of my fondest memories are in the playground. Swinging high in the sky, spinning myself silly on the merry-go-round and akwardly trying to make it across the monkey bars. Unfortunatley as we age, playing seems to go out of style and most of us dramatically begin to slow down physically in our 30 and 40’s. Gracefully progressing through the fabulous fifties, I’ve noticed a rather sudden change in balance, strength and mobility. For the most part, I allow myself to give in to the notion that this stuff happens as you age and is part of the process. I’m aware of the fact that I should exercise more to prevent health issues but amid the daily grind of life, I’ve not put too m

The Phoenixes Have Arrived

Here’s hoping “the phoenixes” of Hollywood will not forget the largest community of abuse victims - those without fame and fortune to help them be heard. If time is truly up, then we need to go beyond the red carpet and hear the stories of the past so we can measure our progress #makinghistory against today’s victims. Getting more people to speak up is the only way to prevent future generations from this type of abuse. Let’s make a real difference. Share your story, your mother’s story, your sister’s story and your best friend’s story. Let that be the next Hollywood film. #metoo #Oscars #timesup Post your story for me. @OnaPedestalMemoirs.


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