• Bessie M. David

Edit 'til you drop.......

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

So its' been exactly 10 days since my last post and I'm still editing my book. I have the actual book copy that I'm working on. It's easier this way, but yet I hate the feeling I get every time I make a mark on my book. It will be one for the archives though. I am really struggling to get this out. I thought it was complete but when friends began reading the eBook, they discovered some punctuation and grammar errors. I know it will never be perfect. I just want it to be finished so I can share and promote the story. I am VERY pleased with the cover. That was a hard decision to come to. Thank you again Kirsten Watlington.

So I really should get back to reading and editing my book. These edits won't correct themselves and the sooner I complete, the sooner everyone can have a copy. Thanks for sticking around.

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