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An Introduction to My Life as a Writer

Hello. Welcome to my blog. Even though this is not my first post, this is the beginning of new direction in which I’m taking my writing. You may have already read a couple of my previous blogs or perhaps you’ve read my book, On a Pedestal.

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I am currently a self-published author (Indie) and your support to my website or the Indie Lector website is greatly appreciated. As the world of published literature changes along with everything else, publishing a book is becoming a reality for the common writer; however, the lack of financial backing from a large publisher increases the need for the public to search out Indie writers as often as they do the best-selling contenders. As a member of the Texas Author’s Association and Indie Lector, I have earned my place in the literary world and with this blog I intend to share my life-long passion of writing with anyone willing to read. If you enjoy reading my work, I would be extremely honored and thankful if you share it with others.

I wrote my first poem in the 4th grade. I actually wrote three poems in the 4th grade and I still have the original copies. One of my most vivid memories as a child is writing these poems. I was in Mr. Henderson’s class at Pearl Rucker Elementary in Houston, Texas. I will be posting those poems and more in my future blogs.

My life as a writer has been a daily practice of liberating the thoughts in my head, and feelings in my heart onto paper. I may not have a great novel in my head but I have words of wisdom from life experiences. I have funny stories and thought-provoking editorial.

I’m currently going through one of twenty-five or more plastic boxes of “my writings”. Before I published my first book and could truly call myself an author, I considered myself a writer. Writing was not my profession, but it is my passion. I write almost every day. Be it a poem, thought, short story, magazine article or just an entry in my journal. I write on pieces of paper, various notebooks, my laptop and I even speak into the voice recorder on my phone. What happens with all those words? They begin to fill boxes and boxes that collect dust and take up space in my home. This in turn clutters my mind with a sense of failure, as no attempt is made to turn this passion into a profitable career.

"My brain on paper"

I am nearing the end of my first fifty years of life and ‘time’ has become my enemy, or in this case, ‘lack of time’. I know that I have allowed ‘time’ to be my excuse and my reason for not being a successful writer. The thing is, I don’t write for success. I write because of an inner need to expel the thoughts in my head and a strong desire to share what I write; but I have lacked the perseverance to do anything about it. INstead I busy myself with other things in life, all while secretly wanting to do nothing but write.

Intention {concept; especially a concept considered as the product of attention directed to an object of knowledge}

I truly intend to post regularly as I embark on my mission to purge my backlog of writing material that has held me prisoner for over 50 years.

Today is the day I lay out my intentions to the world. With all the knowledge I possess and all the training in self-discipline, motivation and goal-setting I have acquired, I shall not fail. I will set aside my need for perfection in what I write. This is not meant to be a perfectly edited script. This is my attempt at sharing my gift. I present my gift of writing into the universe with the hope that I can make someone smile, laugh, cry, think and then pay it forward.

Day 1

I have packed away boxes of notebooks and pieces of paper containing my thoughts and feelings over the last couple of decades. I have an entire history of my life recorded on paper and I’ve decided to begin a long overdue mission of going through this massive collection of written visions in my head and try to put them together is some type of sequence.

Here’s one example of what goes through my head:

While driving somewhere I heard the song “Spanish Boots” on the radio by The Jeff Beck Group

First of all, I’m a major Rod Stewart fan and although I know many of the songs he sang as part of the Faces, I had never heard this one with Jeff Beck.

The next song played was “French Shoes” by John Mellencamp.

John is another one of my favorites. My husband introduced me to John Cougar when he found the then unknown album, Nothing Matters and What If It Did (1980). The single “Ain’t Even Done with the Night” was the song we danced to at our wedding.

I then began writing down all the songs I knew that had the word “shoe” or "boots" in the name. My intention was to write some type of editorial on those songs. Here’s my list:

  1. Boot Scoot Boogie

  2. These Boots are Made for Walking

  3. Blue Suede Shoes

As you can see, I didn’t get very far. That article idea went from brain to paper to box; until now! However small or unimportant this thought is to others, it was a moment in my life as a writer.

Now that it's a post on my blog, it feels complete and I'll move on to the next one.

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