• Bessie M. David

Blood Donations: A Day Late and a Dollar Short

June 19, 2020

With so much happening in our daily lives and even more in the world, one could easily miss an opportunity to make an impact. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 people have successfully weathered adversity while looking out for their fellow human.

Most people strive to do the right thing within the limitations of their own community. While others look for ways to change the world. Each of us has been given the privilege to participate in the ongoing production of life. Choosing to contribute to humanity is rewarding to all. Knowing how to contribute takes a little more effort. When to contribute is your choice. There’s a saying that timing is everything. I choose to believe the right time is when something important happens and your heart is called. Your voice does not have to be heard over the loud speaker. Only you know when your best is best for others.

Giving is personal and there are no rules and no excuses. For instance, better late than never holds true for most things in life. Happy belated birthday holds some weight for the recipient but should not become a repetitive excuse. That being said, my efforts to participate in the healing of our world is not compromised by timing or tardiness.

June 14th was officially Blood Donor Day. In 2005 the World Health Assembly designated a special day to thank blood donors and encourage more people to give blood freely. It is also a day to raise awareness about the global need for safe blood and how everyone can contribute. (World Health Organization, 2020)

As it turns out, on June 15th the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center began testing all blood donations for the COVID-19 anti-body. This test will be performed in addition to the standard testing all blood donations receive. (Giveblood.org, 2020) This means your blood donation during this time is a twofer. For more information on the COVID-19 anti-body test visit the National COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Project

While not everyone is called to march in a protest or work the front lines, there are things you can do as a member of society. Giving blood costs only your time and is needed today, tomorrow, and always. I encourage everyone to find a local blood bank and save a life. Don’t miss the opportunity to have the COVID-19 anti-body at no charge to you!

Contact your local blood bank for participation. You can also contact one of the following:

Red Cross

America’s Blood

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